• Post time: Apr-27-2023

    Stainless steel factory There are many stainless steel manufacturers on the Internet, and everyone says that their own is the best, so how can we users identify which manufacturers produce stainless steel is considered high-quality stainless steel? You can’t just go searching for them one b...Read more »

  • Maintenance and characteristics of 316 stainless steel plate
    Post time: Mar-14-2023

    Characteristics of 316 stainless steel plate   Due to the addition of Mo element, 316 stainless steel plate has particularly good corrosion resistance, atmospheric corrosion resistance, and high-temperature strength, and can be used under harsh conditions; excellent work hardening (non-magne...Read more »

  • Introduction of different galvanized coatings
    Post time: Mar-03-2023

    Introduction of galvanized coating   The most widely used steel material in the industry will be corroded to varying degrees when used in environments such as the atmosphere, sea water, soil, and building materials. According to statistics, the annual loss of steel materials due to corrosion...Read more »

  • Classification and application of h beam
    Post time: Feb-23-2023

    How to choose h beam?   H beam is a new type of economical construction steel. The section shape of h beam is similar to the uppercase English letter H. It is a common economic section profile in the engineering field. It is also called wide-side (flange) I-beam, parallel-side (flange) I-bea...Read more »

  • Classification introduction of galvanized steel pipe
    Post time: Feb-16-2023

    Galvanized steel pipe   Galvanized steel pipes are divided into cold-galvanized steel pipes and hot-dip galvanized steel pipes. Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes are widely used in construction, machinery, coal mines, chemicals, electric power, railway vehicles, automobile industry, roads, brid...Read more »

  • Classification and application of pure copper
    Post time: Feb-10-2023

    Pure copper   Pure copper, as the name implies, is the copper with the highest copper content. Because the color is purple, it is also called red copper. The main component is copper plus silver, with a content of 99.5-99.95%. Main impurity elements: phosphorus, bismuth, antimony, arsenic, i...Read more »

  • How many types of titanium pipe are there? What are the differences?
    Post time: Feb-08-2023

    Titanium pipe is generally divided into two types, one is extrusion type called titanium seamless tube; the other is welding type called welded titanium pipe.   The difference between titanium seamless tube and titanium welded pipe   Extruded titanium pipe includes cold-rolled pipe, spi...Read more »

  • What are the properties and applications of 7075 aluminum pipe
    Post time: Feb-03-2023

    Aluminum pipe   What are the properties of 7075 aluminum pipe, and what is the difference between them and other series of aluminum pipes? Next, an excellent aluminum pipe manufacturer JIANGSU TISCO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD will introduce the properties of 7075 aluminum pipe to you.   Applic...Read more »

  • Classification and use of angle steel
    Post time: Jan-31-2023

    Introduction to angle steel   Angle steel is commonly known as angle iron, and its cross-section is a long strip of steel with two sides perpendicular to each other at right angles. Angle steel can be divided into equilateral angle steel and unequal angle steel. The two vertical sides have t...Read more »

  • What are the characteristics and application fields of Inconel 625 seamless pipe
    Post time: Jan-09-2023

    Do you know about Inconel alloy seamless pipe? Do you know what properties, structures, and fields of application it has? Next, JIANGSU TISCO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, an excellent supplier of Inconel 625 seamless pipe in China, will introduce you.   Inconel 625 seamless pipe has the following ch...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-28-2022

    Titanium plate   Titanium alloy has high strength, low density, good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, high stability and other effects, but the more stable the metal, the more difficult it is to process, so in the production of titanium alloy process is more complex, the cost is ...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-21-2022

    Aluminium discs   Aluminium discs are widely used in electronics, daily chemicals, medicine, literature and education and automotive parts. Electrical appliances, insulation, machinery manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, military, moulds, construction, printing and other industries. They a...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-14-2022

    Preparation of carbon steel pipe   The raw material for carbon steel pipe is a round pipe billet, which is cut by a cutting machine into billets of approximately 1 metre in length and heated by a conveyor belt to the furnace. The billets are heated in the furnace at a temperature of approxim...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-08-2022

    Cold work die steel   Cold work die steel refers to the die steel used to deform or form metal in a cold state. The most commonly used special cold work die steel is Crl2 steel, which has a carbon content of 1.45% to 2.30% and a chromium content of 11% to 13%. Because cold work die steel mos...Read more »

  • Post time: Oct-31-2022

    Hastelloy c 276 plate   Hastelloy c 276 plate is a tungsten-containing nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy that is considered a universal corrosion-resistant alloy due to its extremely low silicon-carbon content. Mainly resistant to wet chlorine, various oxidizing chlorides, chlorinated salt so...Read more »

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